Spring Cleaning

Ever wonder how the Kotel handles all the prayers left between it’s stones?

Click the break for the answer!

Twice a year a Rabbi (the current Western Wall Rabbi is Shmuele Rabinowitz) and his helpers remove the thousands of prayers left between the ancient stones to free up the space for more notes.  They are considered to have religious significance and are buried in a nearby cemetery. 

Unfortunately some small stone blocks are sliding at the top, and they would like to have them fixed by the summer” says Rabinowitz, however the top part is attached the Al-Aqsa Mosque and would be viewed as aggression says top Jeruselum Muslim Cleric Mohammed Hussein states.

People of all faiths leave notes betwen the stones, believing that the requests are more likely to be heard by G-d.

Personal Note: I left a note in the Kotel once many years ago.  I still believe in it.


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