Hebrew Word of the Day


pronounced: call-kakh

meaning: so


Dining Out: Clubhouse Cafe

Clubhouse Cafe

Two weeks ago my cousin and I were on the couch talking about how we hate going to non-kosher restaurants on Saturday Nights where we end up paying $25 for a piece of fish and then have to go somewhere else to enjoy the night. 

Turns out someone must have been listening because last Saturday night we were told this type of place just opened up in Mid-town Manhattan and it turned out to be everything we had dreamt of.  Low lights, a full bar, good music and a menu full of Glatt Kosher Meat, what more could we want?  Although the service was slow at times, the food was excellent and reasonably priced.  I had a hamburger and fries for $13.50.  Steak starts at $18 and most sandwiches range from $8-$14.  They have an assortment of appetizers, we got the sliders (mini-burgers), mini kabobs and spicy chicken wings.  All of them were great – especially the wings.  Beers are priced under $8 and mixed drinks around $10.

Overall one of the best dining experiences I have had with friends.  We even got to see a celebrity! Grizz Chapman from 30 Rock was there!

I would recommend making a reservation because this place is Glatt HOT!

155 W. 46 Street (Between 6th and 7th Avenues)
New York, NY  MAP

Hebrew Word of the Day


pronounced: ah-hah-vah

meaning: love

I am your brother Benedict…

Tomorrow marks a historic day.

It will be the first time a pope visits a Synagogue in the United States.

Pope Benedict XVI will visit the Park East Synagogue for 20 minutes or so late Friday afternoon. 

Click the read link for the details as there is so much to list!

[ via NYTimes.com]

Spring Cleaning

Ever wonder how the Kotel handles all the prayers left between it’s stones?

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Iranian General: Iran Will Destroy Israel if they Attack us

In a response to a threat issued last week by the National Infrastructure Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer, Iranian deputy Chief Of Staff Mohammad Reza Ashtiani said “Iran will eliminate Israel from the ‘scene of the universe’ if Israel Attacks” at a press conference in Tehran for “Military day”.

This in light of Ben-Eliezers statement last week saying “Iran will be wiped off the face of the earth if it dares to fire any missile at us.” Later in the week he would not retract his statement, stating he was tired of receiving threats to Israel on a daily basis.

What a pimp.

[ via Jerusalem Post]

Prayer of the Day: Washing Hands

After Kiddush and before the meal, each person in the household should wash hands by filling a cup with water and pouring it over the top and bottom of the right hand and then the left hand. Before wiping the hands dry on a towel, the following blessing should be recited.

Why is there no “Amen” at the end of this blessing? Traditionally, each person washes their own hands, and each person says their own blessing. You don’t say “Amen” to your own blessing, and everybody says their own n’tilat yadayim, so there is no “Amen”! With the other blessings on this page, a leader says the blessing on behalf of everyone, and the others say “Amen.”