“State must bring all Ethiopian Jews to Israel”

Ethiopian Jew

 Former Israeli Supreme Court President Justice Meir Shamgar, who heads the public committee for the remnant of Jews in Ethiopa announced Wednesday during an emergency meeting in Jerusalem that it is “the state’s duty to bring the remaining Jews from Ethiopia to Israel.”

Ethiopa’s government has said they are planning to stop programs supporting Falash Mura immigration to Israel.

The committee plans to protest the stopage of the programs through protests, petitions to the high court on behalf of the Falash Mura, enlisting the aid of Jewish communities around the world to pressure the Ethiopian government as well as acting through political channels.

The emergency meeting was also attended by former Canadian Minister of Justice Irwin Kotler, American attorney Alan Dershowitz, and the chief rabbi of Haifa, Rabbi Shear-Yashuv HaCohen.

Organizations estimate there are approximately 8,000 more Ethiopians that fit the ministry’s criteria for Aliyah.